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I have many roles in this life I live. I am the wife of an incredible man, Daniel. He is more than I could have ever asked for in a husband. We have been married for 7 years this winter! I am Mommy to two little boys. Clay and Max AKA Bubba and little bear! Clay is in kindergarten. He is my tender hearted child who will laugh with you and cry with you. Max on the other hand is our strong willed child. He demands things his way. He has been a fighter since he was born. He has a rare condition called Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome. He stops breathing when he falls asleep. He has a trach and is put on a vent at nap time and night time. I am a nurse by necessity. Nothing stops this child. Our life may look normal from the outside looking in, however it is far from it on the inside looking out. I love our life though. Some things I would most definitely change, most things I wouldn't.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Little Gray Tennis Shoe Lesson

No nurse today meant a day with my boys all to myself!! Very fitting, being the last day of fall break. Left the house at 9am. We started it out by a long visit with the ENT. Then we met up with Granny Mac for lunch. We then ran to wal-mart because  my "new" car has a tail light out! (I'm telling you what all I did for a reason. I'll explain in a bit.) I tried putting the light in myself in the wal-mart parking lot however I am not JoAnna McNeely and couldn't figure it out. I call Daniel to see where he was so he could change it. He was at Sweet Sallies. I headed that direction. Drove all the way down Jefferson, stopped in front of Hobby Lobby and a police officer pulls up behind me. I thought "Well if he pulls me over I do have the bulbs in the walmart bag. I should be fine. Made it to Sweet Sallies all to find it was more complicated that Daniel thought so we'll change that light tomorrow. I then go to Hobby Lobby! I get out and notice Max had taken his shoes off. He always does. As soon as he gets in the car the shoes are off. I start looking for his other shoe. I can't find it anywhere. Then Max starts pointing to the window, which was down. I asked him if he threw it out the window and he said "Yes Momma!" So in we went with just his socks on. I had things I needed to get done.  I wasn't going to let the lost shoe stop me. I honestly didn't believe him either. So we get home (at 3pm) and I start looking for the lost shoe. It is nowhere to be found. Going from a van to a car, I had never worried about anything being thrown out the window. But obviously it is something I need to be aware of now. My mom text me and said I needed to back-track. I was exhausted. Had been gone all day, but those shoes are expensive and I thought what else do we have to do. So I got the kiddos back in the car and we started our adventure to find the little gray tennis shoe. We drove to wal-mart. No shoe. All the way down Jefferson, very slowly.  Nope. Got to Sweet Sallies and I drove around twice thinking it had to be there. No way jose. Hobby Lobby was my last chance. On we go to our last hope. I get there and there is no tennis shoe. I start talking to God, "Where is this shoe? It's not a big deal but then again it is to me. I know You know where it is. Can you please show me?" I drive around real slow and still there was no shoe. So I just said forget it. It's gone. Lesson learned. I tell both the boys they are grounded from having the windows down. I'm a little upset. Not going to let it ruin my afternoon but frustrated. As I'm pulling out of Hobby Lobby and I am telling God I'm frustrated, I see a little gray tennis shoe across the street in the Sherwin Williams parking lot. I pull across and there it is. Looked a little beat up, poor shoe, nonetheless it was his shoe.  God cares about the little things. He cared that I wanted to find that shoe. Even when I had given up, God was ever faithful to show me where it was.  I drove off singing "My God's not dead! He's  surely alive and He's living on the inside roaring like a lion!!!!"  Remember God knows where your "little gray tennis shoe" is! He is the giver of hope!

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